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Wyoming VOCA-SAC Partnership Final Project Report

Show simple item record Grant, Emily Wagner, Matthew Feldman, Laura 2020-10-23T15:46:23Z 2020-10-23T15:46:23Z 2020
dc.identifier.citation Grant, Emily; Wagner, Matthew; Feldman, Laura. (2020). Wyoming VOCA-SAC Partnership Final Project Report. VOCA-SAC Partnerships: Wyoming, from the Center for Victim Research, 2020 cohort, 16 pgs. en_US
dc.description Report en_US
dc.description.abstract The goal of this project is four-fold: (1) to build a partnership among the Wyoming SAC, the Wyoming VOCA assistance and compensation administrator, and the three Wind River Indian Reservation victim service organizations to improve awareness of available data related to crime victimization on the WRIR; (2) to recognize key data needs related to crime victimization on the WRIR; (3) to identify available data sources for understanding crime victimization on the WRIR; and (4) to develop next steps and future goals for the partnership to pursue access to and use of WRIR crime victimization data....WYSAC and victim service providers on the WRIR identified crime victimization data needs. The group also identified the sources of data, barriers to access, and potential solutions. In the process, this VOCA-SAC project established a new partnership, identified 22 inaccessible crime victimization variables that could inform victim service programs on the WRIR. With timely access to accurate and complete crime victimization data, victim service providers could assess community needs, apply for funding, engage in outreach, provide education, and develop strategies and programming to improve their support of crime victims. The project team identified barriers to accessing the 13 variables that are currently collected, as well as potential solutions for the future collection of 9 variables that are not collected data. Victim service programs realize they would benefit from the development and institutionalization of protocols for data collection and sharing across agencies within the WRIR. Moving forward, WYSAC will continue to seek opportunities to grow the relationship with victim service providers on the WRIR and have already discussed other projects on which the five organizations could collaborate. [CVRL Note: this report is a collaboration between Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center; Wyoming Division of Victim Services; Wind River Cares; Eastern Shoshone Victim Service Project; and the Red Paint Alliance. The partnership is part of the 2020 cohort of the Center for Victim Research's funded collaborations between state Victims of Crime Act offices and Statistical Analysis Centers (VOCA-SAC). Each report includes a final segment discussing the research partnership, the future of the partnership, and how the results will inform stakeholders and practice.] (Author Text) en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Center for Victim Research (CVR) en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries VOCA-SAC Partnership;2020
dc.subject Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships en_US
dc.subject Interagency Collaboration en_US
dc.subject Data Sources en_US
dc.subject Gaps in Research en_US
dc.subject Indigenous Research Methods en_US
dc.subject Interview Results en_US
dc.subject Data Variables en_US
dc.subject Data Sovereignty en_US
dc.subject Tribal en_US
dc.subject Victim Services en_US
dc.subject Victimization en_US
dc.subject Barriers to Research en_US
dc.subject Victim Needs en_US
dc.subject Data Sharing en_US
dc.subject System-based en_US
dc.subject Domestic Violence en_US
dc.subject Law Enforcement en_US
dc.subject Formal Support en_US
dc.subject Housing en_US
dc.subject Substance Abuse en_US
dc.subject Intimate Partner Violence en_US
dc.subject Treatment en_US
dc.subject SANEs en_US
dc.subject Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit en_US
dc.subject Rape en_US
dc.subject Rape Kit en_US
dc.subject Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners en_US
dc.subject Gaps in Service en_US
dc.subject Victim Notification System en_US
dc.title Wyoming VOCA-SAC Partnership Final Project Report en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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