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Potential to prevent mass shootings through domestic violence firearm restrictions

Show simple item record Zeoli, April Paruk, Jennifer 2020-09-17T20:51:27Z 2020-09-17T20:51:27Z 2020
dc.identifier.citation Zeoli, AM; Paruk, JK. (2020). Potential to prevent mass shootings through domestic violence firearm restrictions. Criminology Public Policy: 19, 129– 145. en_US
dc.description.abstract Research Summary We investigated the extent to which the 89 mass shooters who committed their acts from 2014 through 2017 were known or suspected to commit domestic violence prior to the shooting, whether they had been engaged in the justice system in a way that could have led to domestic violence firearm restrictions, and why they were either not legally or not successfully restricted from firearm access. A total of 28 mass shooters were suspected of domestic violence, 61% of whom had been involved with the justice system for domestic violence. At least 6 shooters had potential domestic violence firearm restrictions. Policy Implications Implementation of domestic violence firearm restrictions may prevent access to firearms for some potential mass shooters. For this to happen, domestic violence cases need to become known to and move through the justice system to conviction or granting a domestic violence restraining order and the firearm restrictions need to be effectively implemented. (Author Abstract) en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Wiley en_US
dc.subject Data Analysis en_US
dc.subject Mass Shootings en_US
dc.subject Mass Violence en_US
dc.subject Public Shootings en_US
dc.subject Domestic Violence en_US
dc.subject Intimate Partner Violence en_US
dc.subject Fatalities en_US
dc.subject Violent Death en_US
dc.subject Victims en_US
dc.subject Criminal History en_US
dc.subject Restraining Orders en_US
dc.subject Orders of Protection en_US
dc.subject Protective Orders en_US
dc.subject Crime Reporting en_US
dc.subject Arrests en_US
dc.subject Charges en_US
dc.subject Conviction en_US
dc.title Potential to prevent mass shootings through domestic violence firearm restrictions en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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