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A Majority of Teens Have Experienced Some Form of Cyberbullying

Show simple item record Anderson, Monica 2019-07-03T21:08:51Z 2019-07-03T21:08:51Z 2018
dc.identifier.citation Anderson, Monica. (2018). A Majority of Teens Have Experienced Some Form of Cyberbullying. Pew Research Center, 19 pgs. en_US
dc.description Report en_US
dc.description.abstract Name-calling and rumor-spreading have long been an unpleasant and challenging aspect of adolescent life. But the proliferation of smartphones and the rise of social media has transformed where, when and how bullying takes place. A new Pew Research Center survey finds that 59% of U.S. teens have personally experienced at least one of six types of abusive online behaviors….The vast majority of teens (90% in this case) believe online harassment is a problem that affects people their age, and 63% say this is a major problem. But majorities of young people think key groups, such as teachers, social media companies and politicians are failing at tackling this issue. By contrast, teens have a more positive assessment of the way parents are addressing cyberbullying. These are some of the key findings from the Center’s surveys of 743 teens and 1,058 parents living in the U.S. conducted March 7 to April 10, 2018. Throughout the report, “teens” refers to those ages 13 to 17, and “parents of teens” are those who are the parent or guardian of someone in that age range. [CVRL Note: See page 10 for Methodology used; See Appendix A for Detailed Tables; See page 16 for questionnaire used and responses given for each question. ] (Author Text) en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Pew Research Center en_US
dc.subject Survey Results en_US
dc.subject Adolescents en_US
dc.subject Adolescence en_US
dc.subject Youth en_US
dc.subject Parents en_US
dc.subject School en_US
dc.subject Technology Services en_US
dc.subject Online Services en_US
dc.subject Technology en_US
dc.subject Response to Victimization en_US
dc.subject Social Media Policies en_US
dc.subject Harassment en_US
dc.subject Bullying en_US
dc.subject Peer-on-peer Abuse en_US
dc.subject Cyberbullying en_US
dc.subject Online Harassment en_US
dc.subject Consent en_US
dc.subject Unmet Needs en_US
dc.subject Peer-on-peer Abuse en_US
dc.subject Child-on-child Abuse en_US
dc.subject Teens en_US
dc.subject Cybervictimization en_US
dc.subject Cybersexual Abuse en_US
dc.subject Non-consensual Photo Sharing en_US
dc.subject Photographs en_US
dc.subject Distribute Images en_US
dc.title A Majority of Teens Have Experienced Some Form of Cyberbullying en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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