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Effects of Social Support on the Association Between Pre-College Sexual Assault and College-Onset Victimization

Show simple item record Hawn, Sage Lind, Mackenzie Conley, Abigail Overstreet, Cassie Kendler, Kenneth Dick, Danielle Amstadter, Ananda 2019-06-19T19:14:33Z 2019-06-19T19:14:33Z 2018
dc.identifier.citation Hawn, Sage; Lind, Mackenzie; Conley, Abigail; Overstreet, Cassie; Kendler, Kenneth; Dick, Danielle; Amstadter, Ananda. (2018). Effects of Social Support on the Association Between Pre-College Sexual Assault and College-Onset Victimization. Journal of American College Health: 66(6), 467-475. en_US
dc.description.abstract This study examined the moderating and mediating effects of perceived social support on the association between pre-college sexual assault (SA) and college-onset SA [on] a representative sample of 6,132 undergraduates. The PLUM procedure in SPSS was used to test the moderation model, with individual regressions conducted in a hierarchical fashion. A weighted least squared mean and variance adjusted (WLSMV) mediation model was used to examine the mediating effect of social support. Pre-college SA significantly predicted college-onset SA. Social support significantly mediated the relation between pre-college SA and college-onset SA. Social support was not a significant moderator of this relationship. Given the high prevalence of SA among college populations, as well as the high rates of SA revictimization, identification of factors that may be related to repeated SA (e.g., low social support) within this population are essential and may inform intervention, policy, and university student services. [CVRL Note: See pages 474 and 475 for Mediation Model Figure and Table of Results of hierarchical logistic regressions.] (Author Abstract) en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Journal of American College Health en_US
dc.subject Student en_US
dc.subject Young Adult en_US
dc.subject Survivors of Trauma en_US
dc.subject University en_US
dc.subject College en_US
dc.subject School en_US
dc.subject Service Provider en_US
dc.subject Prevention en_US
dc.subject Risk Factors en_US
dc.subject Predictive Factors en_US
dc.subject Trauma-Informed en_US
dc.subject Sexual Assault en_US
dc.subject Sexual Violence en_US
dc.subject Rape en_US
dc.subject Sexual Abuse en_US
dc.subject Sexual Harassment en_US
dc.subject Youth Violence en_US
dc.subject Trauma en_US
dc.subject Harms en_US
dc.subject Consequences en_US
dc.subject Victim Input en_US
dc.subject Resilience en_US
dc.subject Protective Factors en_US
dc.subject Coping en_US
dc.subject Resiliency Building en_US
dc.subject PTSD en_US
dc.subject Post-traumatic Stress en_US
dc.subject Emotional Distress en_US
dc.subject Revictimization en_US
dc.subject Social Support en_US
dc.subject Psychological Consequences en_US
dc.subject High-risk Behavior en_US
dc.subject Social Problems en_US
dc.subject Longitudinal Study en_US
dc.subject Survey Results en_US
dc.subject Emerging Adults en_US
dc.subject Survivors en_US
dc.subject Victims en_US
dc.subject Repeat Victimization en_US
dc.subject Serial Victimization en_US
dc.subject High-risk Behavior en_US
dc.title Effects of Social Support on the Association Between Pre-College Sexual Assault and College-Onset Victimization en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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