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The Justice Information Center (JIC) is a searchable database of the research and evaluation work of the Justice Research and Statistics Association’s staff and members. It includes information from the national, state, and local levels across a broad range of crime and justice topics.

The collection covers research-based materials drawn from:

* State Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs)

* The Center for Victim Research

* The Incident-Based Reporting Resource Center

* The Smart Suite Academy

* And the work of JRSA’s Research Team


Select a community to browse its collections.

  • Resources that are available to everyone
  • Online database of research publications, projects, and activities conducted by state Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs).
  • To support the development, enhancement, and translation of research and knowledge of researcher-practitioner partnerships in each of the Smart Suite programs.

Recently Added

  • Unknown author (New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, 2022-01)
    This report details how felony cases are processed in New York State's superior courts (Criminal Procedure Law 10.10 and 10.20) and its publication fulfils the statutory reporting requirements outlined in Section 837-a ...
  • Rosenthal, Allison; Reed, Jack (Office of Research Statistics, 2022-01)
    The Division of Criminal Justice in the Colorado Department of Public Safety produced this annual report in accordance with C.R.S. 24-33.5-520 to highlight trends in impaired driving court cases and their toxicology. This ...
  • Harrison, Linda (Office of Research Statistics, 2022-02)
    This report presents current forecasts for the Colorado adult prison and parole populations across the upcoming seven fiscal years and, for the Colorado juvenile commitment, detention and parole populations through the ...
  • Burnes, David; MacNeil, Andie; Nowaczynski, Aliya; Sheppard, Christine; Trevors, Leeann; Lenton, Erica; Lachs, Mark; Pillemer, Karl (ScienceDirect, 2021)
    Elder abuse intervention outcomes vary across studies and are inconsistently operationalized and measured. Majority of elder abuse intervention outcomes are attached to the victim or intervention process itself. Need for ...
  • Johnson, Laura; Chen, Yafan; Stylianou, Amanda (Springer Nature, 2022)
    Background Economic abuse is a unique form of intimate partner violence (IPV) and includes behaviors that control a survivor’s ability to acquire, use, and maintain resources. These tactics can result in someone becoming ...

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