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Center for Victim Research Library serves as a one-stop resource for victim service providers and researchers to connect and share knowledge to increase (1) access to victim research and data and (2) the utility of research and data collection to crime victim services nationwide.

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Recently Added

  • Coker, Ann; Cook-Craig, Patricia; Williams, Corrine; Fisher, Bonnie; Garcia, Lisandra; Hegge, Lea (Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, 2011)
    Using a cross-sectional survey of a random sample of 7,945 college undergraduates, we report on the association between having received Green Dot active bystander behavior training and the frequency of actual and observed ...
  • Kahn, Ellen; Johnson, Ashland; Lee, Mark; Miranda, Liam (Human Rights Campaign (HRC), 2018)
    The results of HRC’s 2017 Youth Survey reveal persistent, serious challenges for LGBTQ youth. In many cases, the cards remain stacked against LGBTQ-identified youth in terms of acceptance and support from their families, ...
  • Collins, Kelly (DePaul University, 2017)
    High incidence rates of sexual violence (SV) on college campuses and the limited effectiveness of traditional prevention programs has created a need for innovative prevention programing. In recent decades, bystander ...
  • Ejikeme, Chinwe; Powell-Threets, Kia; Bayo, Mosi; Toddle, Kia; O'Connor, Jean (Journal of the Georgia Public Health Association, 2017)
    Background: On college campuses, sexual violence (or sexual assault) is at epidemic proportions. As many as one in four college women experience sexual assaults, most of which are not reported, likely due to the adverse ...
  • Barbano, Anna; van der Mei, Willem; Bryant, Richard; Delahanty, Douglas; deRoon-Cassini, Terri; Matsuoka, Yutaka; Olff, Miranda; Qi, Wei; Ratanatharathorn, Andrew; Schnyder, Ulrich; Seedat, Soraya; Kessler, Ronald; Koenen, Karestan; Shaley, Arieh (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
    Background. Projected changes to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnostic criteria in the upcoming International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-11 may affect the prevalence and severity of identified cases. This ...

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